A Boom for Telecom Firms

Recent analysis shows that Indian telecommunication firms are expected to reap long-term benefits from the Covid-19 pandemic due to the increasing demand for mobile data and internet connectivity. The demand for internet services has surged as people shifted their interactions and daily activities online amid COVID-19 physical restrictions.

As people around the world are restricted from leaving their homes, they spend most of their time on the internet surfing. Recent reports say that there is a 30% increase in data consumption since lockdown and telecom giants like Airtel and Reliance Jio are benefiting most from this. Work from home in most of the IT industries also contributed to boosting data usage.

Moreover, these firms are expecting to carry on this profit even post-coronavirus, as the health crisis had turned mobile data into a primary need for many people. The usage of broadband internet and interactive television services has surged and this has reduced the data speed in some areas.

As per telecom regulator TRAI, India had a total of 688 million broadband subscribers out of which just 22.26 million were fixed broadband subscribers.


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